Hi! Welcome to my Blog!

Here you find stories about being a mom, slow living in the german countryside and basically my simple life.



Where from?


I'm living with my husband René and my daughter Eloïse. Oh and of course our dog Abby.

Star sign?


I'm the girl who writes - always.

Yes, always. Always and again. Back then, I used to write whole stories on my father's PC with Windows 95 in the editor and come up with twisted plot lines that my dad was then allowed to (had to, should...) read through. German was my favourite subject for a long time and I am one of those people who like to write poetry analyses. My teacher was always allowed to reckon with 20-36 pages of text - and yes, she basically wondered how I could write so much in that time. I just love it. 

What do you find here?

About being a mom

Slow living

Learning life

Just a short time ago I became a first time mom. I take you with me on the adventures of motherhood and how it changes my everyday life. Being a mom is really the best thing that ever happened to me and I ENJOY motherhood. But of course it comes with challenges. Read about it!

A few years ago I stumbled upon the term 'slow living' and it changed me. While I always thought the only way to be happy is to be productive and get as many things done during the day as I could, the real way to find happiness for myself slumbered in the depths of the internet waiting for me patiently.

Exchange is important. We all don't know how to live. Like, for real - has anyone figured it out? Doubt it. So here I talk about tipps and tricks on how to slaaay in life basically. Let's do this together.